# Weather, Waves, Tides






In this site we present nowcasts and forecasts of weather, waves, tides, and earthquakes at various locations around New Zealand, with a particular concentration on Canterbury where we live.

The data come from various sources including GeoNet, GFS, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and personal weather stations (PWS) at Port Levy, and Riccarton/Hagley.

Most of the sites are updated automatically once per day, but there is one site where you can specify the finish date and the data will be retrieved on the fly. You will have to wait about 10 s for this process to complete

There is also a section on earthquakes measured by local seismometers including our own RaspberryShakes, miniature seismometers that measure vertical ground motion. They were developed by a Panama/Germany team as described here.

These webpages are running on a Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer that was developed as a dirt-cheap (US$35) machine for educational purposes, but is also used by hobbyists. More than 10 million units have been sold.

The Raspberry Pi also does the data processing using a variety of programs including Java, Fortran, Octave, gnuplot, and numerous Linux commands (awk, sed, etc).