Forecast Weather Parameters at Brighton 

The plots below show the forecast weather parameter for the next 10 days.
The forecasts come from the NOAA global weather model GFS for a node at 172.75° E 43.5° S off Brighton, northeast of Christchurch city as shown here.
The forecasts are issued every 6 hours and provide data at 3-hourly intervals.

Atmospheric Pressure

The GFS model forecasts atmospheric pressure quite accurately, even out to 7 days ahead, as shown here.

For weather, the absolute value of atmospheric pressure is not too important: what matters is the change in pressure.
Falling pressure means weather is deteriorating; rising pressure means weather is improving.


The figure shows air temperature and apparent temperature.
Apparent temperature is what we feel the temperature is on our skin, accounting for humidity and wind.
Generally, the more humid it is, the hotter we feel; but the stronger the wind, the cooler we feel.
The details of how apparent temperature is calculated using the Steadman Approximation are presented here.


The figure shows 12-hourly mean wind speed and direction.
The scale to the right is the Beaufort scale described here.