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Far infra gravity (FIG) waves are long waves with periods between 2 and 60 minutes.
They are generated by large-scale ocean processes where swell waves that have propagated over vast distances combine into groups with the largest in the middle (surfers' 7th wave phenomenon).
Under the largest waves sea level is depressed slightly and between groups it recovers: this is the FIG wave.
When the swell waves break, the FIG wave is released.
They are also generated by rapidly-propagating low pressure systems such as ex-tropical cyclones.

In this site, we present the FIG waves and sea levels that have occurred over the last 5 days for a station that you choose from the map below.

We acknowledge the New Zealand GeoNet project and its sponsors Earthquake Commission (EQC), GNS Science, and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Far Infra Gravity Waves and Sea Levels at Individual Sites

To retrieve details at a particular station, click on the name in the map below: