Mulgor Logo Waves and Sea Levels on the Fly: GeoNet Sites


On this webpage we provide a means to view the long waves and sea levels that have occurred at a tsunami gauge over a set of days that you specify.
Long waves are split into two categories:

Sea levels have the following components:

The data are retrieved from one of the GeoNet sites at intervals of 1 s (1 Hz data).
IG waves are calculated from the raw 1 Hz data.
Sea levels are calculated by taking 1-min means of 1 Hz data. This simulates a traditional tide gauge.

We acknowledge the New Zealand GeoNet project and its sponsors Earthquake Commission (EQC), GNS Science, and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Input Data

Choose the date and number of days you want, then hit Update

Finish Date (UTC):

No of Days:


You can use this page to look at tsunami waves also, but beware!

To retrieve details of the waves and sea levels at a particular station, click on the name in the map below.
It will take about 10 s to download, process, and plot.