Forecasting Tides at Raoul Boat Cove

Specify a date and this routine will calculate the tides for that day.

Input Data

Date: yyyymmdd format.

Time Base
NZ Standard Time (NZST)
NZ Daylight Time (NZDT)
NZDT goes from the last Sunday in September
to the first Sunday in April.

Tides for Raoul Boat Cove:

19-Jun-2024 NZST(m above MSL)
High Tides Low Tides
04:29 0.405 11:03 -0.425
17:19 0.297 23:07 -0.282

Add crex.txt contains no data -4.112 m for storm surge.
Note: this applies only if you are forecasting for today.
Storm surge is explained here.

Acronyms of tidal parameters are explained here.
The effects of Moon's phases and apsides are explained here.

Please address enquiries to:
Derek Goring
Mulgor Consulting Ltd
New Zealand

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