Mulgor Logo EQ at Timaru at 13:03:53 on 10-Aug-2021

Vertical Velocities recorded at Port Levy

EQ Details

Magnitude: 4.1
Depth: 5 km
Distance: 177 km
Estimated travel time of P waves: 29 s
Estimated travel time of S waves: 51 s

Travel times of P and S waves were derived from this website

Statistics of Signal at Port Levy
Sig. Height μm/s Sig. Period s % of Variance
Raw 20.34 0.227 100.0
T < 1 s 20.50 0.234 99.3
T > 1 s 1.95 1.5 0.7

Significant height and period are derived from a zero-crossing analysis of the wave signal after the arrival time of the p waves.
They are the averages of the highest third of the waves.